Corgi Batmobile: Taking Care of Classics

Corgi Batmobile

The Corgi Batmobile is a great replica of a great car.  While Batman is a fictitious character, the Batmobile is a real car--and a really cool car.

Corgi Toys is the name of a range of diecast toy vehicles produced.  They are made by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd. in the United Kingdom.  They have made model cars from several movie and TV series, including Batman and James Bond (Aston Martin DB5).

Corgi 1940's Batmobile

Corgi 2000 Batmobile with Translucent Hood and Communicator

Corgi DC Comics 1940's Batmobile Detailed Diecast Scale 1:43 With Figure

Corgi DC Comics 2000 Batmobile 1:43 Scale Detailed Diecast

Corgi Golden Age Batmobile Boxed Set

1990's Batmobile

1970's Batmobile

Corgi Batmobile: Driving in Style

The Corgi Batmobile is a manufacturer of many toy and model cars, including Batmobile replicas. They were a competitor to Hot Wheels. A lot of their cars look really neat.

The company's heyday mostly were in the 1950's.